Delegation away from expert on the basis of options and you may democratic liability because of hierarchical manage will be the principles included in good

step three. With regards to the text, government change services features borrowed strategies and you may information off all of next But a good. individual enterprises. b. county governments. c. regional governments. d. nonprofit teams.

cuatro. With regards to the text, the basic precepts off reengineering oppose might precepts out-of a. one another downsizing and you may continuous upgrade. b. just continued improvement. c. simply downsizing. d. none downsizing nor proceeded update.

5. George W. Bush’s “President’s Administration Schedule” is regarding the which kind of reform? good. Continuing update b. Downsizing c. Reengineering d. E-regulators

six. Reinventing Bodies additionally the Taxpayer Statement out of Rights are types of which kind of change? good. E-authorities b. Continuous update c. Downsizing d. Reengineering

eight. Complete high quality administration was really regarding the which type of change? a great. Reengineering b. Continuous improve c. Downsizing d. E-bodies

8. Even in the event the governments around the world are reforming personal government, more notable and you will successful transformations have took place an effective. the United nations. b. development places. c. install places dmunist nations.

The fresh Obama administration brought a significantly some other way of reforming bodies titled a

9. With respect to the text message, authorities reform efforts across the globe a beneficial. tend to merge and you will suits downsizing, reengineering, and you will continuing improve procedure with little value for their built-in contradictions. b. will blend and you will fits downsizing, reengineering, and you will continued upgrade techniques with higher admiration for their intrinsic contradictions. c. apply just a single approach to change at any given time. d. use downsizing process merely just after looking to continuing update processes.

ten. The basic foundation out-of reengineering is an excellent. full high quality government. b. diminishing authorities. c. techniques. d. interpersonal relationships.

eleven. The three approaches to administrative reform one to government officials are employing at the present time are common of one’s after the Except an excellent. downsizing. b. reengineering. c. proceeded improvement. d. convergence.

twelve. The fundamental goal of downsizing is to a great. shrink regulators. b. shrink state, perhaps not authorities. c. compress federal, not state. d. generate social dating.

thirteen. Processes, equipment, business, leadership, and union is the tenets out-of a great. reengineering. b. overall quality government. c. downsizing. d. e-regulators.

14. And that direction drove Gore’s Transforming Government work over every other effort? a great. Reengineering b. Downsizing c. Continuous improve d. E-government

15. And this movement began during the state level regarding the middle-seventies? an effective. E-authorities b. Carried on upgrade c. Reengineering d. Downsizing

16. “Changing bodies” are a term obtained from an educated-attempting to sell book because of the a great. Osborne and you will Gaebler. b. c. Gore and you can Frederickson. d. Hammer and you may Champy.

17. And this pupil first contended you to definitely citizens commonly customers, however, owners? a beneficial. Gaebler b. Osborne c. Frederickson d. Hammer

18. Reengineering supporters _________ change, in direct contrast in order to continuing improvement, hence claims __________ reforms are best to evolve groups. a. downsizing; upsizing b. bottom-up; top-down c. top-down; bottom-up d. asideside-in; inside-out

Kettl and you will Fesler

20. Recovering from which of your after the federal tragedies found the fresh new inability from thus-titled “vending host authorities”? good. September 11 b. The fresh new BP petroleum spill c. Hurricane Katrina d. The great Depression

step 1. ______ is the method one to determines the latest assistance, amount of challenge, and amount of duty essential for a particular jobs. an excellent. Unionization b. Amount slide c. Reputation class d. Buyout

dos. Considering a good 2010 Arizona Blog post poll, People in the us got a relatively _______ thoughts regarding authorities pros if in case they were polled based on whether or not they got had contact with regulators team the fresh new impulse is actually__________. a. positive; alot more negative. b. negative; alot more confident. c. indifferent; so much more self-confident. d. indifferent; significantly more indifferent.